Services Offered

Upon admission to REVA NEST, the following infrastructural facilities will be offered to the incubatee companies on an individual basis, apart from a set of shared/ common infrastructure mentioned hereinafter:

  • Office space & basic furniture : Company specific
  • Access to departmental laboratories and other resources of REVA University for their products development purposes
  • Broad band Internet connection (chargeable basis)
  • Telephone lines (chargeable basis)

Shared infrastructure includes

  • Printer & Photocopier with Scanner
  • Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment
  • Pantry facilities
  • Library facilities

Other Services

Apart from physical infrastructure as stated above, REVA NEST intends to create certain other supports and services which would include but not limited to:

  • Pool of mentors, experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration
  • Organising events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies
  • Meetings with visitors of REVA NEST (such as alumni, Venture Capitalists, industry professionals)
  • Consulting services

In addition, REVA NEST will also build up information and knowledge pool to be useful generically for start-up companies. REVA NEST will coordinate with Skill Development Centre at REVA University on management education and training programmes designed for start-up companies.